The Boot at the Preserve

We have a new favorite “go to” spot for a bite to eat and it’s just down the hill in the Preserve Village. It’s called “The Boot” and would probably fall in the Pub/New American column. I have had salads and sandwiches there. All around $8-$9 a piece. All very tasty. Most of the food has a spin on it, like the Banger sandwich has an Andouille sausage but instead of mustard they used pimento cheese. Also, the BLT I ordered had a fried egg on it. For the $8-$9 you get a side and fries. All very tasty. The kids have gotten pepperoni pizzas every time and they seemed to like them (but then they’re 3 and 5… they think GoGurt tastes good).

They have a full bar with 3 or 4 bourbons, etc. Also, you walk in and order from a window. Then they bring the food out to you. They help always seemed very friendly to us as well. Even when we went with a large group.

During our last visit I¬†hurriedly¬†snapped the attached images of the menu. They are kind of fuzzy. Let me know if you want to see better versions and I’ll think of some way to get it to you. I do know their menu has changed and been tweaked a few times, so I can’t promise this menu will still be in effect, but it’s been the same every time we’ve been. They also have a Facebook page as well as post to Twitter. I signed up for their newsletter and so far it’s been a good one with menu specials and $10 coupon kind of things. Let us know what you think of The Boot!

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