Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels!

I guess the holiday season has officially started. I have not been in the stores yet, but there are a few homes I pass, on my way home from work each day, that already have Christmas trees up! We also spent last evening flitting between stores and CostCo, gatherting what we need for visiting family this weekend.

It is kind of a relief that we don’t have to be on the road this week. Of course, the down side is that everyone else has to. So if you are having to travel. . . be careful!

And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pushing the Button

Ok. So just bear with us please. We are relaunching the site and building it out over the next few days. We will be running some test posts. So sorry, in advance, for the higher levels of gibberish you are used to getting from us. We had a blast with the last iteration of our little blog and want to grow beyond the ‘baby blog’ that BryantsofBham.com had once been. It was a good run and maybe we’ll dust off some of the old posts, but we all have to grow up some time.

If you are a beta-junkie you’re welcome to start following us now (RSS), but we wouldn’t blame you one bit, if you waited until the paint dried a little bit around here. If you have any ideas or prayers to offer, please send them along… especially if any part of the site breaks while you’re looking at it!

Talk with y’all soon!